Welcome to my fanfiction page ^_^. This is brand new, and I am brand new to writing fanfiction. The stories posted are from myself and my friend. Heart & Soul is a continuation fic; some one-shots and some crossoverss.

*UPDATES* Because of a problem with the server, I lost the Prologue to Heart & Soul for awhile, but it's back up. If there are spelling errors, or grammatical flubs, please email me at tangent96@mindspring.com. For those who have seen this page before, yes, I did graduate from law school. What a miracle. I believe in Santa Claus.

I did start working on Chapter 3 of Heart & Soul during Bar review, but unfortunately, I lost what I wrote. So, Chapter 3 may be a little slow in coming. Gomen.

Anyway, Chapter 2 is up for Heart & Soul. Hope you like it ^_^

KnaraKat has revised the Buffy fic. It's a scream.

Pre-readers wanted! Email me at tangent96@mindspring.com

Ranma & Akane

Heart & Soul

What do Ranma and Akane really want out of life and each other? A story of growing up, growing older, and the workings of the heart.

Prologue - Posted 8/27/99
Chapter 1 - Posted 8/28/99
Chapter 2 - Posted 4/13/00


Two of history's greatest warriors meet to vanquish an unspeakable evil. Crossover.

Prologue - Posted 9/19/99

Buffy Goes To China - Anything Goes Martial Arts Vampire Slaying!

I think the title speaks for itself.

Fanfiction - Revised 01/19/00

One Shots

I Canna Change the Laws of Physics - Posted 9/12/99

Bad Boys - Posted 9/19/99

The Truth - Posted 10/15/99

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