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"How long did he say he would be gone?" The speaker was sitting on a log twiddling her thumbs impatiently. She was young, quite attractive and obviously annoyed at the moment. Her compatriot looked at her amusedly.

"As long as it would take," the older woman said.

"Why do guys like him always have to be so cryptic?"

"Just settle down."

"Why do you even trust him?"

"Because he saved my life once."

"You never told me about that."

"You still donít know everything about me."

"You still donít know everything about me either, you know."

"Uh huh. Sure."

"Anyway, who did he say he was going to bring?"

"He didnít give much information. Just said he was going to bring one of the best warriors from the East."

Suddenly, a whirling vortex spinning counter-clockwise appeared behind the women, glowing blue with lightening streaking across the apex. Out popped three individuals, one older man dressed in leather and a hooded cloak which was hiding most of his features, and two young adults, one man, one women in the strangest clothes. The two younger people looked around in amazement and confusion. Their hands were clutching the otherís as they tried to acclimate themselves to the new surroundings. Suddenly, aware how close they are, the two young adults jumped apart staring at each other intently. The older man smirked at their actions then approached the older woman.

"I brought the warrior I promised," the older man announced, throwing back the hood. His features were aqualine, but ruggedly handsome with piercing blue eyes. The staff he was carrying was lighted at the top which he pointed to the two young adults.

"Galen, you brought two children! These arenít warriors, they should be at home playing ball."

"You are wrong," the mage reprimanded, "the boy and girl have experience far beyond your imagining."

"Wait a minute! Your saying weíre not good enough? Galen said I was coming here to save your butt." The young man looked indignant with his arms crossed on his chest, his gray blue eyes flashing. He then surveyed the womanís young female companion and snorted. "Looks like youíll need a lot of saving," he said derisively.

The older woman stomped up to the young man, standing a good six inches above him. "Boy, go home and play with your toys." She turned to Galen, "I donít have time for baby-sitting." The mage merely looked at the trees whistling.

The other younger woman was quite angry. In fact, if the other women had bothered to notice her, they would have seen she was, well, she was glowing blue. "Why donít you try us?" she asked.

The other younger woman approached her. "Listen, I am sure you and your friend are good fighters," the younger woman said in a soothing tone, "but this is serious. We need to stop this monster before he destroys entire cities. And you two donít even have weapons."

The young man scoffed. "Weapons? Why would I need a weapon? Weapons handicap you when you rely on them too much. Better to use your entire body as a weapon." This statement piqued the curiosity of the older woman.

"Galen, how much time do we have?" she asked.

"Not too long. But if you must test the boy, then do so."

"Fine. Iíll go easy on you boy. No weapons either."

The young man smirked. "Just the way I like it." The two young women and the mage walked a good measure off toward the trees to give the combatants space. The older woman and young man circled one another. The older woman was taller and a seasoned warrior who looked at her opponent with amusement; the man walked casually, his body loose, his face calm. Then the woman charged throwing a punch at the young man.

Except he wasnít there anymore.

"What the?" she said and looked around. *tap* She twisted around to the tap on her shoulder and faced the young man. She growled and threw a flurry of punches which would have put the strongest man in the grave.

None of them landed.

Now the woman was getting frustrated. She tried combinations of kicks and punches faster than lightening.

None of them landed either.

She stopped, panting for breath while the young man stood there and smirked, not even breaking a sweat. "Are you going to keep running or fight me?" she growled.

"I donít like beatiní up girls. Even if you are older than me, yer still a girl."

"Talk is cheap, boy. Are you afraid to fight against a woman?"

"Me? Afraid? Hardly," he scoffed.

"Oh, I see, you donít want to be beaten by a woman, it would make you look less manly. Well, thatís a pretty cowardly opinion."

The young man bristled. "You calliní me a coward?"

The older woman shrugged. "I call them as I see them."

The young man glared. "Fine, it ainít my problem if you get hurt. Remember, I warned you." He advanced on the older woman, his stance still loose, but his face was stern this time. The older woman smiled. She waited till he got close and threw a punch. He blocked with a crescent kick in the other direction snapping her arm. She jump kicked aiming for his head as he leaped over her head to stand behind her. The woman anticipated his move and readied a spinning kick that would have knocked a hole in his skull. She never had an opportunity. As soon as she cocked her leg, the man threw one punch to her abdomen which sent her flying into the trees.

He walked over to her prostrate body and offered his hand. "Iíd like you to know, I pulled that punch. Just keep that in mind." The woman shook her stunned head as she accepted his hand.

"Itís not often I am wrong. I am sorry I misjudged you."

The young man grinned cockily. "Itís no big deal."

Galen approached the fighting pair. "I should have introduced you two first. Oh well. Xena, meet Saotome Ranma. Ranma, meet Xena, Warrior Princess."

I got the idea from watching way too much Xena and thinking about Hong Kong flicks. Now here's a question: why is there no crossover for Ranma and Jackie Chan?

I had to add Galen in somewhere. I just couldn't resist. ^_^ You like the jumpgate?

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