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This takes place somewhere in the timeline of H&S. It's not really important where, it just does.

Akane sat in her dorm room staring out her window as the stars came out one by one. The moon was new, so the stars were quite bright. Normally, this would have simultaneously thrilled and calmed her, but tonight, oh, tonight was different. Her stomach was in knots and starting to hurt. She was sipping mint and chamomile tea trying to settle it, but it wasnít working. Her homework sat untouched on her desk, her books unopened, and her dinner unfinished.

"What if Ranma finds out?" she asked herself out loud. "What would he think of me?"

Tamashii was in the library studying for a big anatomy test, not that Akane felt she could have told her roommate what was on her mind. She assumed that her roomie would probably think her stupid. "Dumb tomboy," she whispered to herself and leaned her head against the window.

She sat thinking about how much had changed since they got to university, how much she had changed, and Ranma too. Akane smiled softly thinking back to their first kiss, and how much she loved that insensitive baka. But she also realized that she desperately wanted his approval, for him to think cute, intelligent, and a good martial artist. Since they started university, Ranmaís opinion not so much changed, but he was more honest about her. Sure, they still fought, but not nearly as much, not nearly as violently (usually, unless Ranma did something really stupid), and they didnít hurt each other as much anymore.

And now this had to come up. It was always something.

It started a week ago, innocently enough. The gaggle of them were sitting at dinner in the dining hall talking about plans for the weekend. Ranma mentioned that his parents were coming up that weekend and he couldnít plan anything. Later, as he walked Akane back to their respective dorms, he explained that his mother was coming up to check on his "manly behaviour". He explained that she wanted to see how we was doing in classes, how he spent his free time, and how things were going with her.

Akane secretly dreaded her soon-to-be-mother-in-law. In the years that Nodoka spent at the dojo, Akane grew to see her as a second mother, and like her son, wanted desperately to please her. She thought about what his mother thought of "manly behaviour" and wondered if she would approve of her sonís endeavors in university. She didnít believe in changing herself to please people, but she felt she could bend or tolerate certain behaviours out of people that she maynít agree with; after all, she knew where her faults lay and was not going to be hypocritical on the matter. Akane had always been rather conciliatory towards peopleís faults, naturally forgiving, and generally easy-going. She had always wanted to be a good wife some day, and part of being a good wife is letting your husband rule the roost and please him. So, many times, she let Ranma have his way...

Now Akane found herself sitting in her dorm room dreading the next day. She let Ranma have his way so many times without ever telling him the truth about herself. She knew she was lying to him, leading him on, making him believe something about her that wasnít true. She came to the conclusion that it wasnít fair, to either of them, that he should know the full truth about herself, no matter what it cost.

The next day dawned bright and beautiful. The birds were singing, the air had a wonderful crisp feel to it that only autumn could bring. Akane was oblivious to the spectacle of nature before her. She went to class per usual, participated when necessary, said the requisite hellos to people she passed by, but all in all, she was under a cloud of doom.

Ranma met her for lunch under their favorite tree on the campus. He handed her a bento box and chopsticks. She stared at him intently, thinking depressing thoughts.

"Do I got something on my face?" he asked?

"Eh? Oh, no. Iím just thinking."


They ate lunch in silence, Ranma growing more uncomfortable as time passed. Every time he tried to say something, the expression she had on her face silence him. Finally she spoke up.

"Honor and honesty is very important to you, isnít it?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, I try to be honorable, but I know Iím not all the time, but I do try."

"Hrmm..." she nodded and said nothing more.

"Akane, whatís wrong?"

Nothing, just some stuff on my mind. I got to go meet Tama-chan in the library. Iíll see you tonight. Ja."

Ranma looked up at his girlfriend in confusion as she grabbed her backpack and ran off to the library. "Donít forget about the Jackie Chan marathon tonight!" he shouted to her. She waved that she heard. "Iíll never understand the girl," he said and finished wolfing down his lunch.

Akane stared at the ground as they walked to the movie theatre. Several times Ranma tried to take her hand, but after only a few minutes, she took her hand away and shoved them in her coat pockets. She was still acting all weird and quiet, and didnít even bat an eye when he called her a clutz when she tripped over the curb. She has only nodded and kept staring at the ground. Halfway to the theatre she grabbed his arm and stopped walking.

Ranma, I need to talk to you before we go to the movie tonight."

"Yeah? You gonna tell me why your acting so weird?"

Akane stared at her hands and shuffled her feet, trying to think of where to begin. "Umm...I need to tell you something. Something about me. Something about us. I um...donít think youíll like it."

His stomach flipped over backwards, and he felt the same way when he saw her with Shinnosuke in Ryugenzawa. No, no, no, this canít be happening again. "Whatever it is, is it that important?" he asked.

"Itís important for me to be honest with you. I need to be honest." She pleaded with her deep brown eyes. He looked away, unable to meet them.

"Whatever it is, it can wait, right? Lets go to the movies, and weíll talk afterwards, ok?"

"No, Ranma, I need to tell you now. Please."

"I donít know if I want to hear it," he mumbled softly.

"It may disappoint you, Iím sorry."

He said nothing, then stood up and pulled her to standing position. He looked at square in the face, his blue-grey eyes drowning in dread.

"I uhh, donít know really how to say this..." she began, "I just felt I should be honest with you. I should be honest with myself."

"Just say it." He knew this was it, and prepared himself as if for battle.

Well, I umm... well, Iím sorry Ranma, I really am...

But I just donít like Jackie Chan. I like Chow Yun Fat."


"RANMA! Are you ok?"